The Brand Whisperer

As a solopreneur, we work tirelessly towards bringing our projects to life. It can easily become overwhelming. Especially when we have in mind that our brand has to stand out to be seen… that’s when branding comes in.  Art Director & Brand Consultant Vanessa Elle is a passionate woman who believes in finding meaning in everything she does. Referred as brand whisperer, Vanessa has all the tools to help entrepreneurs attain the vision they have for their company.

When did you decide to do the perilous jump into the entrepreneurial world?
My story is a little bit different. I didn’t choose to be in business or to be an entrepreneur. However, I did choose to pursue my passion, to remain true to myself, to leave my comfort zone and embrace the unknown, work hard and believe that success would follow. I realize that the sum of these choices, which I made five years ago, has attracted opportunities my way. Little did I know that the decision to embrace them would mark the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I couldn’t be more grateful.

What was the biggest challenge you have faced when you became an entrepreneur?
Accounting was what I liked the least when I first started, which is why it was my biggest challenge. Running a one-person business required that I wear many hats, all of which I loved or desired to learn about, with the exception of accounting. Today, with experience, gained knowledge and easy to use softwares, I never thought I would say this one day, but I very much enjoy it!

How would you describe the word “brand” in one word?
The first words that come to mind are emotional connection, meaning and trust. To answer your question, if I were to choose only one of them, it would be trust. Brands live in the minds of those who interact with them. Strong brands carry meaning, they succeed with storytelling, with building emotional connections, all of which contribute to creating trust.

What is the best tip you’ve ever given to your client that always works?
Whether I’m working as an art director or as a brand consultant, a more general tip that I give to clients is to maintain transparent, effective and proactive communication with stakeholder (e.g. employees, clients). Beyond their products, beyond their services, everything they say, everything they do and how they make others feel at every touchpoint of the experience reflects on their brand. After emphasizing on the “why” it’s important, I then share a list of ways that they can make this happen. I’m always happy to hear about the positive impact that even the smallest of communication changes can have on their brand.

How do you reward yourself after a week of work?
Rewarding myself means making time for myself. This involves activities such as practicing yoga and meditation (daily), working out (at least 2x/week), as well as making time to satisfy my never-ending thirst for learning by listening to podcasts, reading books and articles (as often as I can).

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