The many hats of Sade Akinosho


Blogger, influencer, mother and entrepreneur, Sade Akinosho is a good example of passion and determination. Two elements any entrepreneurs should have. Sade has been lead by her love for fashion in many projects including her clothing line The Kemist. Zoom on this driven entrepreneur!

You wear several hats, how do you balance being a mom and your business woman life in London?
It’s very hard but to be honest, but I just do! I don’t have time to think about it too much and if I’m honest, I choose not to think about it too much as it can be quite overwhelming. I am a full-time mum first and foremost, have a personal brand, run two businesses and manage employees. I just get on with what needs to be done.

I write everything down; what needs to be done, ideas, appointments, goals, to-do list… everything! I can be very forgetful, or perhaps because I wear so many hats if it’s not written down immediately, I’ll forget. My organizer is everything and I’d be lost without it. Every day, I make a priority list… But ultimately, I just continually keep things moving.

Some days are amazing and some days are totally bombed, but I try to never dwell, forgive myself quickly and move on. I use the ‘five-minute journal’ daily in the morning to write down my goals for the day. Also, I write down what I am grateful for… this puts a lot of things into perspective and helps me to start the day on a positive note.

Again, using the five-minute journal before I go to bed let me see what I achieved that day and what I could have done better… to try again the next day.



What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and influencer?
My daughter! Having the flexibility to spend more time with her, which often means she’s at my workspace a hell of a lot… but yeah, she was and is my reason.


thekemist fashion look


You are very successful on social media, especially on Instagram. Can you share 3 marketing tips and tricks that work for your platforms to help other entrepreneurs?
Suffocate the excuses and just DO! It’s as simple as that. I wouldn’t say I’m very successful on social media, as I am learning and adjusting and growing every day. But you know what, I am really blessed to have come this far with doing what I enjoy and for the opportunities that it has presented. I feel highly favored and know God has my back and taking me places…

Still, I try not to get complacent and continue to push myself to try new things… I understand content is king so I continue to work very hard to create creative content and always experimenting.

Ultimately though, I stay true to myself as I truly believe authenticity is everything and it wins all the time! What I do (in terms of style fashion) is what I did before social media and what I will do after… so it’s not for Instagram it’s what I’m passionate about and what I truly believe I’m very good at.


thekemist clothing


Would you say that the identity of your brand played a major role in the evolution of your e-shop?
My e-Shop is just an extension of me or my passion… it’s what I always wanted to do before social media existed. So again, I didn’t create something because I have a social media presence, but it certainly helped push me to finally pursuing my dream of starting a business in fashion.

What are your favorite apps and tools that you use for your social media?
Planoly – It helps plan my posts.
Facetune and Snapseed – It helps me edit images.
These are what I use on a daily basis.

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