Passion Comes First

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Patrick Balyan knew early on what he wanted to do.  He finally made a living out of his passion. Today, he runs both platforms reality tv web series YouTube Montreal and a collaborative project with influencers called What’s Up Montreal. Patience and perseverance are clearly what defines our friend Patrick.

How did you start your career in the media industry?
My desire being in media started far before I started school. I created content for as long as I can remember. I turned a passion project into a lucrative one. It only became a full-time business a year ago.

What is the Buffer Festival? Why was it so important for you to attend?
Buffer Festival is a film festival and award show for web content creators, more specifically on YouTube. We’ve been community partners for 2 years. Being present is more than mandatory but more to show support to the industry and a chance to meet other like-minded people who can support our cause.

How do you rank Montreal in the Youtube ecosystem?
The YouTube culture is 10 years behind in the entirety of Quebec.

Why are YouTubers our generation’s superstars?
They are role-models, they speak of the truth and are more tangible. They have inspired more people at a faster rate than any other celebrity.

Tell us four Youtube Channels we must watch.




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We are sure you want to know more about the YouTube world. Hesitant before starting your own Youtube channel? Add December 13th to your calendar! ?

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