It’s Only A Goodbye For Now…

A friend of mine once told me, “Entrepreneurship is walking in darkness but finding your way towards the light.” I have found that light and asked myself …What’s next?  It’s with a smile on my face that I am confidently closing the chapter on this epic project called Grind Atelier. You may be wondering: why the sudden end while the grind was hot?

Brandind and marketing expert

Grind Atelier is more than a branding and marketing school. It’s a vehicle to empower others to perform and of course to add flow to their grind. We believe that humans build brands, not the other way around. Self-care is the core message, which brings us to revisit our mission, values, and vision. I personally realized how powerful the #GrindResponsibly movement is. The world is suffering and it’s time to take it beyond our entrepreneurship community.

I didn’t come to this decision lightly. It took a lot of consultation, reflection, and consideration of my most important values and principles, especially my core belief that everyone has the right to a healthy work/life balance.

And that’s exactly what closing this chapter of my life will allow me to have.

While closing Grind Atelier isn’t an easy choice, I realize that it is for the best. I could not in good conscience continue to advocate for entrepreneurs to add flow to their grind without doing the same myself.

Grind Atelier wasn’t just Lorena and Marjorie. It was our amazing team, our many collaborators, and YOU the community and unique clients. You believed in us, trusted us and endorsed our key message. Your stories during private sessions and exchanges during our workshops inspired us to keep going. I simply cannot thank you enough!  To our dear educators, I have learned and grown so much from you, words cannot express how grateful I am.  I have gained new friends as well as memories to cherish and remember always.

I ask that you do not see this as terrible news. But rather, take solace in knowing that, in many ways, this decision has set me free to pursue a better work/life balance and allowed me to begin replenishing my heart and soul as I move forward.

As I am kissing GA goodbye,  I will remain forever grateful to have earned your trust throughout this adventure. To all of you, keep trusting the feeling that is in your gut.  Remember to nourish your soul by practicing self-care.  At the moment, I am appreciating what was, living in the now, looking forward to an epic future.

For those of you who wish to keep in touch, you can find me HERE.

Otherwise, I am hoping we will connect regardless of what I will make of this time away from this space. Who knows what I may have up my sleeves next…

In the meantime, remember to #GRINDRESPONSIBLY. Always.

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Photos: George Mavitzis

  • Both you and your creations are pure magic. GA will be missed but I have no doubt your mission will carry on. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this epic chapter. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for you and will be cheering you every step of the way!

    • Wasn’t it an epic journey Sam! We grew together not really knowing where we would land. This journey would have not been the same without encountering your REAL goal setting method! I will be forever grateful for everything you brought to the #GRINDRESPONSIBLY movement, the students and GA’s audience. It’s only the beginning of a new epic journey! See you on the other side bella! xxx – Marjorie