Embracing Your Reality


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I started the year with ambitious goals. It was all about tackling the impossible NOW.  Few milestones were accomplished! Yeah! While others didn’t see the light of day. In the middle of my grind, I did the unthinkable.

What happened to #GA?

I stripped Grind Atelier of everything that didn’t serve any purpose. The first thing was to let go of the office as well as the entourage. Why? The office was taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. I felt as if I was working a corporate job… for myself.  So, I went back to basic.  Now what?  I choose to serve you over having a beautiful Pinterest office. I decided to get out in the field to be closer to you. Instead, I choose to plant seeds and cultivate all my relationships (family, friends, collaborators and so on).

Words of encouragement for entrepreneurs

Me enjoying the good weather in my neighbourhood. Photo by Lanice Media


Let me tell you, the sudden change wasn’t easy for my ego. Once I decided to let go of what people would think of me, this is when the business positively shifted.   Since you are aiming for greatness, A friend once told me this story.   Will you stay under the umbrella? Or will you choose the seeds?

The Story

Imagine you’re in the middle of an open field with the sun beaming down on you. I offer you the choice of a bag of seeds or a large umbrella – which will you choose?

If you choose the umbrella you are guaranteed to shelter yourself from the harsh sun for life.

If you choose the seeds, you plant, water and care for them, but you fail over and over because the seeds won’t sprout. You’re hot, but you keep going until one day one of your seeds starts to grow. It slowly grows into a small tree enough to shelter you. The tree keeps growing until it can shelter an entire community. The tree then produces fruit to feed you and the entire community as well.

The Point Is …

One is not a better option than the other. The single difference is the risk. One is almost risk-free and the other is high risk, but the rewards are not the same.

The one you choose will influence your business model, your lifestyle and your expectations.

What’s in the way is your ego… I urge you to break it now. I got rid of mine and experienced the utmost level of creativity and freedom. Yes, the business model is changing and I know it’s for the best.

 You Have The Right To choose

Remember no matter what you choose, there are always consequences. The power is in you. Rewrite your story as often as you want. Stay true to your vision and know that every little step you take for your business matters. For each little win, take the time to rejoice in them… they all count.

Now working from my couch, I’m in for longevity!  I’m back in the field taking my time planting seeds. Those seeds will grow and become a forest which is the #GA community that I’m building… one seed at a time. Embrace your reality!

I want to know

So,  comment below which will you choose? Seeds or umbrella? Why?

Again remember to #GrindResponsibly





  • This is a nice topic ! I personally would choose seeds. Why ? Because seeds allow you to grow and teach you so many things. You learn from your mistakes this is how you keep moving forward. To choose umbrella is to choose the security card but when choosing this path are you really able to be yourself and do what you want to do. I get that it is for protection but nowadays I think each one of us has to show the “real me” whether it’s for business or personal life. Authenticity has to be shown.
    Back to the seeds metaphor, it’s important to create everyday, it’s like having interim goals. Each seed tells a different story and at the end you will have a beautiful and sometimes damaged garden but it will yours and you will cherish it and embrace it.

    • Amen to that Julie! Love how you continued my story to a beautiful garden! Nature is imperfectly perfect, so is your garden. At the end it’s all beauty! Yes, I am embracing this journey! Thank you for passing by!xx

  • WoW, gréât read. Yes, killing them egos and letting go of what people think of us or the wrong ideas we may think of us. Thanks for this great reminder

    • My pleasure Lisette! Yes believe in what the most high put in you. Put all your focus in staying in your lane. Simple as that! Thank you for passing by! xx

    • Thank you Nelson! I am for sure trusting the journey! Again, thank you for the encouragement and for passing by!