Entrepreneurs Annual Check-Up: Finding Your Why!

You usually go to the doctor’s for a yearly check-up, right? How about you check up on yourself and your business? Our fast-paced society makes it hard to catch our breath. It’s easy to lose ourselves, forgetting the purpose that made us choose entrepreneurship. To celebrate the month of love, how about we examine ourselves? Here are 3 questions to help you do a self-check-up.

Real Talk: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Before shifting a marketing or branding strategy, you want to dive into your WHY? I am not reinventing the wheel here…  Simon Sinek was praised for helping managers and businesses to start with their why. When stuck looking at your business results how do you lead in the infinity game of business? When you start by asking yourself why do you do what you do, this already sets you up to connect with your audience. People don’t buy WHAT you do but rather WHY you do it. For instance, Grind Atelier’s why is to help you add flow to your grind. We want you to find clarity to focus and grow your brand.  Once you establish YOUR why, it will be clear to you what to accept and what to refuse. All your decisions will be motivated by what you have set yourself out to do first. We’ve answered the “Why” question. Now it’s your turn.

Question: Why do you do what you do? Why are you investing energy running your brand?

Mental Health

Real Relationships Start by Telling Your Story

In the word relationship, you will find the word relate.  To relate comes from the Latin word relatus, which means ¨to  recount or to tell¨.  Relating to someone is to have empathy, to be able to identify ourselves in someone or something. We are social beings made to relate to one another. The best way to achieve it is through sharing stories. For example, do you remember how you connected with your best friend? Your spouse? Or a collaborator?  You related because you connected to what they told you about them.   You shared the same values. Trust was built and they either became your friend, spouse or collaborator. You want to build relationships because they are lasting. So does engagement, content, and all of what you worry about have value?  The value lies in the relationships you build over time. They are long-lasting and that’s what you want to establish between your clients and your brand.

Question: What relatable story will you tell to build long-lasting relationships?


Check Up on Yourself: Love Yourself First

In anything you do, remember to put yourself first. Like in any healthy relationship, in order to love someone, you must love yourself first. Entrepreneurs often put themselves last.  We have so much work to do and so little time to take care of our families and our personal needs. I was once told that in order to decrease your level of vulnerability, you must increase self-care.  Self-care can be rewarding yourself by working half a day instead of a full day. Organizing a date with your better half. If money is tight, you can simultaneously stretch your dollar AND contribute to the community by swapping clothes, or make a cake with your kids, the list goes on… There are so many ways you can give yourself the gift to disconnect. Trust me, no one will die if you go M.I.A. for a few hours or days. The more you take care of your heart, the more you will be open to give the best of yourself to the world.

Question: What will you do today to take care of your heart?

There you have it! Like going to the doctor’s for your annual check-up, you must do the same for your business. From time to time, I ask myself these questions. Our fast-paced society makes it hard to catch our breath and easy to exhaust our energies. These are simple ways to examine yourself. I urge you to try them out and in the box below comment YOUR answers to those questions. I am dying to know.