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Empowerment for creative entrepreneurs with a 9 to 5 job

Learning about other entrepreneur’s stories can help you feel less lonely. Few of you have 9 to 5s, some are mom entrepreneurs while others went all in with their passion project.Bottom line, we all double, triple and even quadruple our efforts to stay in the game.  Feeling overworked may interfere with your creativity. Know, that you are not alone in this journey. Here’s  Tatiana St-Louis founder of Aime ta marque’s (Love Your Brand) story. From online webinars and live workshops, Tatiana’s mission helps women entrepreneur find their voice. She has built marketing tools to help them tell their story authentically.  She is extremely transparent about her lifestyle (Tatiana is a communication professional at a Montreal-based University), her husband and her healthy life journey. If you feel like an imposter, I promise you that after reading her story you will never feel ashamed or alone in your entrepreneurial journey again.

Aime ta marque

When have you decided to launch Aime ta marque?

I decided to launch Aime Ta Marque 2 years ago, shortly after escaping a very difficult professional situation. For a few months, I was the victim of what I was later led to identifying as psychological harassment at work. It took a big toll on my self-esteem. I thought I wasn’t good at what I was doing, that I was a disappointment, that my potential was just a fluke. Long story short, I then started looking for a job, as one does. But I didn’t want to find a job just to find a job. I knew I had a lot to give and I wanted to find a place to work where not only would I live to my full potential, but also be paid what I was worth.

I launched a blog, a website, revamped my CV, crafted amazing cover letters… and only thrived towards the positions that were really exciting to me. It was the most successful job search I’ve ever done. This is what sparked the idea of Aime Ta Marque. I wanted women, like me, to live their professional potential fully. Building awesome communication or marketing tools and a strategy is part of it. The other part is psychological. I wanted to share things we don’t learn in school, which is how to communicate your value and uniqueness to others, without feeling like a fraud.


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Who’s part of the Aime ta marque’s community? And who is it for?

Aime Ta Marque is for pretty much every woman who feels she wants more out of her job, her business, or her professional activity. I notice that a lot of women who have gone through higher ed and then back to the workforce or worked freelance in creative fields such as copywriting, translation, graphic design, etc. are following me and reading the blog. I really want to be as inclusive as possible, because I think that we are often fed one image of success when there are so many ways to be happy at work and in life. We need to have a conversation about success and ambition in women and it can only happen when we start sharing all of our different stories.


Why was it so important for you to launch this brand?

I wish that throughout all these years in school, I would have had a class or been taught about personal branding, negotiation, job search, etc. We’re pretty much told to finish our degrees and then figure it out. But very few of us have it really figured out right off the bat. Also, I wanted to create a safe space for women to express their experience and recognize other models of success.



How did people around you (friends & family) reacted when you plunged into creating your dream hustle?

I’m really an introvert (and shy! Would you imagine!), so I rarely speak about my projects to my friends and family. At the beginning, it was just a blog, more like a hobby so they didn’t pay that much attention. But when it started growing into a business, that’s when I had serious conversations with my boyfriend, now husband, as to how we were going to manage this.

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What is the biggest sacrifice you had to pay for running your side hustle?

Definitely, time. With a 9 to 5 and my business, I don’t have much time to dedicate to my social life or even leisure time. I do however try to balance things out a bit more, because I was starting to feel the effects of being overworked.


To #GrindResponsibly

How do you organize your life between work, Aime ta marque and you personal relationship?

That’s the challenging part. If you have a business, you know that it’s very hard to STOP WORKING. There’s always more to do, you’re always ‘behind’. It’s a constant battle, especially when you get work done for your business however you know that resting from your full time job in necessary. Usually I work a little in the morning (emails, social media, readings), during my lunch time and when I get back from work until 8 or 9 pm. And naturally, on the weekend.Recently, my body has been telling me that I had to slow down. I’m trying as much as possible to follow a weekly schedule from which I plan specific times to work on Aime Ta Marque and other times to rest. My health is my #1 priority, I make time for my morning yoga, walks, cook healthy food. I set myself some rules (sometimes hard to follow) like: no work when I’m eating, no work 1 hour before bedtime, no emails before 7 am… My husband and I have a weekly ‘couple’s day’ during which work is forbidden (Instagram posts are still allowed, though!). Overall, I have to remember that I’m doing Aime Ta Marque to feel good, ultimately. It reminds me to see where my real priorities are.

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Corporate worker vs entrepreneur

According to you, why more 9 to 5ers have side hustles?

I can only speak for myself, but my side hustle helps me develop myself and pursue projects in my own unique way. I oversee everything and thus I build something that is truly me. I always felt a bit contrived in the 9 to 5 and although I like the security and the opportunities that it gives, it doesn’t satisfy my need for creative thinking and exploration enough. In your day job, you want to perform and be the best you can be. A side hustle gives you space to explore, experiment and fail. And eventually, know yourself better. Plus, you get to have an impact on the world directly, which is a big draw for me.

We’ve done a Monday Motivation together (which was super fun by the way), how does your coworker react to your entrepreneurial endeavor?

I’m not too keen in discussing it with most of my coworkers, since I sometimes feel that they might think I’m playing on two fields and am not completely involved in my work. Just as with my family and friends, I’m pretty timid when it’s time to brag about my business. They do see what’s happening on my LinkedIn profile, though!

We are currently renovating our home office. Have you created a specific space for you to work in? And Why?

So… I live in a VERY COZY 700sf condo that I bought before getting married, and there’s not much room for a home office. I’d love to have my own space and we’re slowly looking for a bigger place for us. In the meantime, I really enjoy working at coffee shops. It also helps me get out of the house. It prevents me from procrastinating, do the laundry or wash dishes instead of working on my business.

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Finally, what advice would you give to someone considering having a side hustle while keeping their 9 to 5?

Slow and steady. Accept that you won’t be moving as fast as you want, and focus on the high return actions. Time is limited and a lot of people will want a part of you, so don’t spread yourself thin, learn to say no and keep eyes on the prize. It might take you twice as long to get where you want to go, but it’s the price to pay to mitigate the risk of going all in with no safety net. And finally, don’t forget yourself in the process. 🙂


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