Catching Up with Actress Christine Solomon

Most of us view Hollywood as a form of entertainment but for those who make it a career, it can be both highly rewarding and deeply onerous. Christine Solomon is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning Canadian actress, author, and entrepreneur. She is a phenomenon in Egypt, the host of Catching up with Christine Solomon, and the founder of Muze Consultancy.

You have a very diverse lead role portfolio. What is your proudest acting achievement?

Each role brings me so much, it’s hard to zone in on one. That’s actually why I work across all forms of media, including video games! I have learned that professionally, you only get better when you expand your horizons and take on new challenges. That said, I’d be lying if I didn’t mention Heliopolis, in which I was fortunate enough to portray the very first gothic woman in Egyptian film history.

You received the Best Actress of Empowerment award for that role, is that correct?

Yes, I did. The mission of the Madbakh Women of Toronto is to empower women of visible minorities and they presented me with this award during TIFF. It was an absolute honor to advance their mission doing what I love to do.

Considering the success of your acting career, what has made you take the leap into the entrepreneurial world?

I started acting at a very young age and would turn to more experienced actors for guidance. In any industry, the quality of your professional network is vital to maintaining drive and focus, so I decided to give back and become a mentor for aspiring actors. That’s why I founded my consultancy boutique, Muze.

And now you’re also working on a book?

Yes, it’s been a few years in the process because I am such a perfectionist, but I am indeed writing a book about how to develop an acting career in Canada. I’ve been interviewing many Canadian celebrities to share their story and I hope that it can be a real source of inspiration for not just actors but any entrepreneur with a passion and a dream, regardless of the industry you’re in.


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