Pause au café Thérèse

Esthel Racine

Photographe Alejandro


As you know we love the food here at Grind Atelier, but we love even more solopreneurs who share their story with us. Today we meeting Esthel, Owner of Café Thérèse, and she as a lot to say about her journey.


Tell us about you and your career (as a model, dancer, and entrepreneur)?
I studied classical ballet at L‘École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, unfortunately, I got injured to my back (a discal hernia) a few years ago and had to stop.
At the time it was quite a shock as I did not really have a plan B, I didn’t really know what else to do!
That’s when I started modeling and working in cafés and restaurants,
taking the time to think of my plan B.


I eventually had to stop that too as my back injury came back (it will always stay a fragility). My condition doesn’t allow me to stay in one position all day, too much standing or too much sitting is not good…I have to move around. That’s when I decided it was the right time to start my own thing. I had lot’s of ideas all connected to healthy eating. I started Aliments Racine veggie burgers, we now sell across Quebec. Then Atelier V a vegan co-working kitchen and a few months ago Café Thérèse.  


Café Thérèse

Photographe Alejandro


Where does your passion for food come from?  
Growing up as a dancer, healthy eating was an important part of my life. We had nutrition courses at that was one of my favorite subjects.
At home, I would help meal plan with my father and I really enjoyed finding and trying healthy and delicious recipes.


Photographe Alejandro


Please share with us your favorite recipe
I don’t really have a favorite recipe, I like to choose ingredients and play with that.
For the café for example, I go to the market and get fresh vegetables. Back in the kitchen, I decide what I will make according to what I found in the market.


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