Is My Business Really Needed In this World?

Did you know that there are approximately 1.2 million businesses out there across Canada?
That equates to 1.2 million problems to solve. Now you may be wondering: How can I find out if my brand is really needed in this world? Challenge accepted! Now what…

 3 clues that may bring you to question yourself: 

– The imposter syndrome
– Low reach
– Low sales

Here’s how to positively face the challenge:

1. Tackling the famous “Who am I to do this?” question

The inner critic is real. It serves to keep you in a safe place whenever you want to play big. However, when you give it too much attention, it will eventually keep you from moving forward. Remember that even the greats have to face their insecurities. The best tip to overcome the “Who am I to do this?”  dilemma is to distance yourself from yourself. Let the thought be and don’t act on it.

2. Find a tribe you can confide in.

Again, we are better together than alone.  I do believe in the power of community. We all need a shoulder to cry on when times get rough. Look around you and dare to connect with like-minded individuals outside of your circle of family and friends. Not only will you be understood but you will make new friends and get the right encouragement to keep up.



3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself — rebuke that stream of negative self-talk.

Once you surround yourself with positive individuals you can trust, your next step is to watch your personal dialogue. Remember that the body goes where the mind goes. Never ever call yourself anything that you would not call someone else. Love starts within. Speaking highly about yourself will certainly help you awaken that good energy to keep moving.

In everything, shift your mindset by relying on FACTS:

– Rebuke the catastrophizing voices in your head. As long as your heart beats, there will always be solutions. Look at the FULL picture; don’t focus only on the negative.

For the sake of your sanity and health,  remember that letting go isn’t for the weak — it’s for the STRONG. And remember: Building a business takes time. Social media only demonstrates the tip of the iceberg. If it were easy EVERYBODY would be doing it!

Just pace yourself by adding FLOW to your grind.


Watch our final Live about the topic here with special guest Patrick Balyan founder of the Creator’s HQ. An amazing learning and community hub for content creators in Montreal. 

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