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The more we progress in time, the more we are becoming smart and lazy. As an entrepreneur, you have so much to do. You work « Solo » you know! Automation is a great way to increase your productivity. Work it to your advantage in a balanced manner.

But wait, what is automation? 

For example, email automation applications let you create series of targeted emails. Using such system will allow you to send messages to your clients based on different triggers that you program such as specific dates, follow-ups or events you register in the automation app.


Photo: Scott Webb


Try to create content based on the customer purchasing stage. Remember where your clients are and use the proper trigger in line with their lifestyle habits. For those who are in the decoration field, Pinterest is a platform you might use. Autopin can be a useful tool to reach more clients. Another one we like (and you might also) is Buffer. It helps you to manage to schedule your content on your social media and to track performance. Be like us, be lazy by getting an automation app to do the work for you.

For you little curious butterflies, we like to use MailChimp. We enjoy this website for its user-friendly interface and quirky Monkey. Share with us your favorite automation app in the comments!

Enjoy and #Grind Responsibly