Our Story

Established in 2016, Grind Atelier is the first branding and marketing school in Québec. Its mission is to teach entrepreneurs, help them conquer solitude, support their development, contribute to their lifestyle and their entrepreneurial journey. Combining 20 years experience, our co-founders Lorena Rossi and Marjorie Joasil teamed up with leading educators in the industry to offer entrepreneurs small intimate classes in a creative setting. Suitable to their busy schedules, beginner to advanced classes are available in both English and French. Inspired by today’s trends, Grind Atelier’s lean approach allows entrepreneurs to find quick solutions to attract clients without breaking their budget. Students can learn how to adjust the look and feel of their brand as well as improving their quality of life. Soon available in online classes, the human centred school allows them to build long-term relationships between their clientele and brands in an independent, fast and simple way. 

Our Team



A graduate of HEC Montreal, Marjorie Joasil specializes in sales promotion, event marketing and sponsorships. In 2009, Marjorie had launched Marjorie’s Closet a fashion and lifestyle blog offering web marketing services to fashion brands, hotels and bars in Montreal. In 2013, she pursued her career as marketing director for the iconic Canadian fashion house Nu.I by Vickie. Later joined LACOSTE Canada as national marketing coordinator. Now, as co-founder and owner of Grind Atelier, she teaches a unique brand identity method to entrepreneurs on the grind.



Lorena has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from McGill University. She began her entrepreneurial journey almost a decade ago when she set up a gift wrapping kiosque in a shopping center downtown Montreal. Lorena later opened her gift and stationery boutique where she designed personalized invitations, created her own line of home products and linens. Constantly looking to challenge herself, she is currently a Creative Director for an international ribbon and packaging company.

Our Milestones

Our Vision

Equip every creative entrepreneur in the world with the knowledge to build a successful brand.

Our Promise

Helping creative entrepreneurs find clarity and focus to grow their business. 

Our Values

 Boldness, Community, Fun, Integrity, Knowledge and Sharing