6 Social Media Platform – How Long Do Social Media Posts Last

Have you ever wonder the lifespan of your pin? Well, this blog is for creative entrepreneurs looking to maximise their time and efforts when posting on their social media profiles.

Everybody knows that I’m all about the “work smart, not hard” mentality. We all work so hard showing up suggesting our brands to potential clients on our social media profiles. I recently asked myself this BIG question… how long do social media posts last? Am I over posting on social media? Am I wasting time? To help us get the most out of all of our fav platforms, I researched for you the lifespan of 6 top social media apps.

1. Twitter 18 minutes!

Hmm.. Crickets! The lifespan of a tweet is very short. While Twitter was my go to in 2009, my love affair with the app deflated overtime. However, many of my boss friends who use it say that it is the perfect and effective platform to network, share headlines about your business and to connect with influencers.

2. Facebook is worth 5 hours!

Facebook wants you to invest dollars in ads. Duh? If you are very strategic you may be able to crack the code and convert on FB. While the app is still relevant when used strategically, consider doing Facebook lives. To increase your views and engagement, invite a fellow boss with a good reach to collab on your live. During your live, be bold and throw in a BIG ask DURING the live or add a call to action link in the description box if you are promoting something. That has helped me convert tremendously.

3. Instagram last only 2 days!

My favorite app is currently sitting at 2.2 billion user worldwide. The lifespan of your Instagram post is about 48 hrs. This is not a lot considering we spend most of our time on this amazing app. Also, your potential client may not see the amazing content due changes in the algorithm. I gotta tip for you: Many users are more active viewing Insta stories. To increase your chances of being seen do this: Tag yourself on your insta stories post, add a location, use an animated gif to create a fun call to action announcing your new post. This will not only get you followers but also boost your latest post! (See photo below)


Hey creative entrepreneurs! Success is all about knowing how to utilise your time wisely. Found out lifespan of social posts and re strategize where it really matters. Learn more on the blog.

4. YouTube 30 days

The world’s second largest platform is pretty powerful. People spend,on average, a billion hours watching videos. If writing is not your forte then this is your chance to speak instead. Pick up your iPhone and use imovie to edit your video. What matters is to start small and invest when you know you will commit to creating valuable content with strategic keywords tags to grow your influence.

This blog is key! It will answer the question you've been dying to know. This blog is for creative entrepreneurs looking to maximize their time and efforts spent on social media

5. Pinterest is 365 days homie!

One more reason why we ALL need to spend more time figuring out Pinterest. Like Google, Pinterest is a strong search engine. Adding Pinnable boards to your blog content will boost your website. No time to create beautiful visual Pinterest boards? No problem! Simply reshare your Instagram posts to your Pinterest profile board. Yes! yes! This will not only boost your following on Instagram but stimulate traffic to your Pinterest account and impact your website traffic. Find out how to do it HERE!

6. Blogging is 2 years! Yay!

Yup, even though popular rumors say that blogging is dead. Even though we have the attention spans of goldfish 🙂 The purpose of blogging is linked to using the appropriate keywords to gain traffic to our site. Google still crawls websites for great content. Spending time writing at least one good timeless topic blogpost a month will last longer and therefore have more impact than all the other platform counterparts. So yup, write with intent and do spend time writing. Bottom line is people are still searching for solutions online and if they land on your great content they will stick with you.

So, you’ve missed creating content for your Instagram… no biggie. Focus on doing evergreen blog content aka timeless value for your clients. Repurpose your content as much as you can across your social media platforms. Before letting you go, I am hoping this blog helped you to no longer feel overwhelmed about how much content you should put out there. Remember that your time is as valuable as the value you create for your following. Choose the platform that will give you longevity over a quick fix.

#GrindResponsibly 🌱

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