Startups – 3 Tips To Survive Past 2 Years in Your Biz

3 Golden Rules I wish I knew Before Starting My BizPhoto credit: Joe Gardner

Have You noticed that businesses grow like mushrooms? The BDC reports 1.1 million small businesses in Canada. That’s a whole lot of people having a ¨aha moment” at one time. Unfortunately, circumstances may lead half of those brilliant entrepreneurs to bury their dreams within 2 years of operation! GA recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary. and we have a whole lot to be thankful for. Here are 3 major tips to succeed in your business in the first 2 years.

Validate Your Service Offer Asap!

Build a desired service or product that answers your client’s most urgent need. Use customer feedback to refine your offer. Human beings are social. We are made to interact with each other. Get out of your building or pick up your phone. Get client feedback about what you sell! Ask them what their problem is…Oh, we don’t want you to get in a fistfight… Let us rephrase this… Ask them what are their daily troubles. Ask them how your product or service can ease their pain. Refining your offer can only increase your chance of nailing an appealing offer and secure sales. With that in mind, I promise you, you will succeed in your business.

Startups: 3 Things I wish I'd Known before starting my biz

Fail As Early As Possible

At GA we ❤️ failing. Not really but… to us, failing is learning. The earlier you catch a worm the longer you will last. I always take time to understand why I got rejected or why something doesn’t work. Once upon a time, I failed to tell our audience the change of direction from single workshops to becoming a school. What was my key learning? Making it obvious on our logo. Pretty self-explanatory right? Also, don’t spend waste money on anything that doesn’t push the needle forward in your business. How about working from home? Bottom line is, failing brings us to ask ourselves questions. Those questions require answers. Those answers become new key learnings. We keep them in mind and try our best to not repeat those mistakes again.


Are you looking for useful tips to succeed in your business? You are a creative entrepreneur. You can do it all like a Swiss-knife. The news is, not every customer is your client. Don’t be desperate to accept every contract that seems interesting. Your business may not be the perfect fit for a client and that is ok. When anything goes (no pun intended), you may realize along the way not being suitable to service a client’s needs. This may lead you to be anxious whenever that client sends you a request. Instead be resourceful by helping the client find the right fit for their needs within your network. Honesty is everything, it’s better to under promise than over deliver!

At GA, We teach branding and marketing because knowledge is power! Our goal is to help you celebrate many business birthdays. We want to help you find the most profitable client niche so you can rejoice in the fruit of your labor. Plan your biz for success! How about we set up a call to see if we can help you clean up your branding. To book an exploratory call, write us HERE.



3 Major Tips You Should Know To Stay In Business