Why We Choose To NOT Buy Followers

Let’s be real, we all got the memo. A brand should navigate authentically in their respective industries to connect with their audience. Today’s blog post is about calling out entrepreneurs, influencers or anyone who has a fake Instagram following. You know who you are and we are not sorry to call you out!? Buying followers is a dishonest practice (point blank, like most Haitians, like to say ??). We asked our team their 2 cents about this hot topic and why at Grind Atelier we choose to grow our following organically.


Debby, as a community manager freelancer, you’ve had the chance to work on many different accounts. Why is it so hard for entrepreneurs to grow their following?

Growing a social media following such as Instagram, for example, is difficult: it is an ever-evolving platform. People’s attention span is **this big** (very little). Then there’s the Follow/Unfollow phenomenon. It is a struggle to get AND maintain active users’ attention. After all, IG is one of the most popular media networks out there.

Many brands do influence marketing.  What are the key signs that can tell us that someone is being fake? 

Sure, entrepreneurs buying followers to make it look like they have a big audience – on the surface – but that’s just a conceit metric. These fake accounts they pay for won’t be of any help in terms of engagement. These pages won’t interact with you or click on your links. And the people you are trying to impress with these false numbers (i.e. PR companies, brands, current and potential followers) are going to see right through it. It’s not worth losing your reputation or credibility over it.

Debby, what tips do you have to help our fellow entrepreneurs increase their following?

Just play fairly by the rules: be real. Be consistent. Engage by asking questions/opinions. Let people into your world. If you create a genuine connection, people will be attracted to you. Then the rest will follow. (Get it??)


Being authentic is simply showing the world who you are. Here at Grind Atelier, we decided to take it one step further… We choose honesty. Honesty is doing genuine actions to earn your clients’ trust.  In the era of social media gratification, we understand the pressure entrepreneurs or influencers face to impress in order to land killer jobs or bad ass contracts based on having 50k plus followers.  Also, influencers, PR companies, and general media values people with a higher following than those with a peanut size following. Don’t judge someone by the cover… never mind the ratios… it’s simple. Real engagement is when 2 or more people connect and communicate on a topic. You don’t really see that in boosted accounts. You can tell by doing a quick scan on someone’s profile to see if their following is legit.


Sonia, you are our marketing assistant, why did we choose not to buy followers for our  Instagram?

I think it’s important not to forget that companies are led by humans who are also consumers themselves. When I look for a brand, I expect them to be real and transparent.


To me, it’s not strategic for a long-term marketing strategy. I think we have to be creative in order to reach our clientele. There are so many ways, yet so many ideas that we can work on to attain our goals. In the long run, it will affect your company. As for any company I’ve worked for, I think it’s important to stick with important values. Therefore, you will attract people that will be hearing you and be actual consumers who will buy from you.✨


Lorena, why is it important for Grind Atelier to promote honest marketing practices?

We pride ourselves on being real and honest so buying “fake followers” is not an option for Grind Atelier. We prefer to grow our brand alongside our followers, naturally and organically. Quality over quantity also matters to Grind Atelier. Everything we do is based on that principle.


Marjorie, why should entrepreneurs be genuine about their following?

I believe entrepreneurs should be genuine about their following because your Instagram account is a valuable tool for networking purposes. Just like your phone contact list, it’s a fun and fast way to get in touch with people quickly.??‍???‍???‍???‍?


Most people in our network no longer walk around with their business cards ?. People literally ask me to follow them on Instagram to keep in touch (true story in our industry when networking). Therefore, keeping a cleaned up following, with real connections is more valuable than having a large following.


Thank you for reading. We are hoping that you will #GrindResponsibly when thinking about your social media marketing practice. We are not perfect, however, we choose honesty as part of our values.

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Team GA!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️