10 Marketing Lessons Entrepreneurs Needs To Kick-Start 2019!

10 marketing tips you need to know to succeed

Neil Patel, whom Forbes calls one of the top 10 marketers, and whom Entrepreneur Magazine calls the creator of one of the 100 most brilliant companies, wrote a piece called “10 Marketing Lessons Big Brands Can Teach Startups”. Those lessons are listed below:

1. Streamline your content creation
2. Use content to increase visibility
3. Videos are the future of content marketing
4. Tell a story about your product
5. Create a hashtag campaign
6. Build a community
7. Be creative
8. Give away a free product
9. Host a contest
10. Connect with influencers

They make sense, right? If you’re still not sure, let’s tackle them one by one.

1.Streamline your content creation

You need to focus on expanding and growing your business. So let the content experts manage your content! Unless you’re a pro and this is what you want to focus on doing, hand this task off to someone who’ll be great at it. Free yourself up for other critical tasks.

2. Use content to increase visibility
According to Neil, “It’s a simple fact. The more content that you produce online, the more visible you are to your target market.”

Need we say more?

3. Videos are the future of content marketing
If you’re not convinced about this particular nugget of truth already — stop reading right now. Because I don’t think this thing between us is going to work out. It’s not me, it’s you.

Just kidding. Keep reading and maybe we’ll have you on board by the end of this post…

4. Tell a story about your product
All great brands tell a story. “Storytelling is the cornerstone of effective marketing,” says Neil, and basically every great marketer to ever walk the Earth.

5.Create a hashtag campaign
Hashtags are powerful. They can bring your audience to rally around your product or service. Or make people more aware of your brand. Or even help you build a customer base.

6.Build a community
People buy because they’re in the habit of buying your product. And creating a habit around your product is simply a matter of creating a community.

By creating a brand built around people carrying out a habit, you provide more than just a single product or service. You provide an experience, which can be shared among users.

To build a community. A community that talks about your product, markets your product, and buys your product, too!

7. Be creative
Being creative does NOT mean being complex. Keep things simple. Unique. Different. But simple.

Neil encourages entrepreneurs with the following advice: “by creating something that no one has ever done before, it sends a message to your customers that you care enough to think about what you send them.”

8. Give away a free product
Seems counterintuitive for most entrepreneurs. But if done right, a free product or service trial can bring in more business and buzz than running an ad campaign.

9.Host a contest
I always believed that a little competition was healthy. And when your audience can benefit, well then it’s a win-win! You’ll have a happy customer PLUS get “tons of brand awareness and brand engagement from people all across the Internet. And every marketer knows the value of getting your brand in front of consumers,” says Neil.

10.Connect with influencers
Here’s why Neil, and Grind Atelier, believe this lesson is so important:

By working with Internet personalities, companies everywhere humanize their brand, product, and experience.

Influencers are impactful because their audience connects with them. When brands tag along for the ride, they acquire that same level of connection with the influencer’s audience.”

10 Tips to Kick Off the New Year For Entrepreneurs
That old adage is true: those who refuse to look back at history are doomed to repeat it. And this works for positive examples as well. So take some time to examine the successes of others, and tweak them so that they work best for you.

Grind Atelier wishes you the best for 2019, and remember that we’re here to help you succeed while you #GrindResponsibly.

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